The script of Road to Monckton revolves around the exploits of Heinrich and Regina Stief and their companions, German settlers who emigrated from Philadelphia to the Bay of Fundy in 1766.

Intended for mass-market film distribution, the script has been examined by editors, film consultants, playwrights, historians, genealogists, actors, several film buffs, three producers, and a legion of readers.

The epic nature of the story dictates that the film includes ships at sea, violent storms, riots in Philadelphia and hundreds of re-enactors. No producer will make the necessary investment without a realistic chance of success.

This is your chance to participate in a significant development in Maritime history. And your own contribution will help to ensure a big-budget film gets made. Donations accepted by paypal and Interac money transfer.

You can also invest in production of the film by pledging a minimum of $1000. Don’t send any money yet; simply fill in the contact form or send an email, indicating the amount of your pledge and whether or not you want your name to be used in future updates. Once a producer has been secured, you can re-consider your pledge and confirm your investment.

As of December 25, 2020, $71,000 for development funding has been pledged by investors across North America.